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Pictorial Collection of the Souhegan River 2008

For the past year, the Souhegan River Local Advisory Committee (SoRLAC), in partnership with the SVLT, has collected many pictures and descriptions of sites along the Souhegan River, flowing 32 miles from Ashburnham, MA to Merrimack, NH.
These photos are part of the SoRLAC's display for their Souhegan River Education Project 2008. This presentation has been offered to various communities along the Souhegan River. The nearly 200 picture collection is nearing completion. If you have pictures of the river or historical information about the river that you would like to see included in the display, please send them to thetrustees@svlt.org.

All pictures will become the property of the SVLT solely for the production of a CD titled: Pictorial Collection of the Souhegan River 2006, which will be available for purchase.

    Picture InformationNeeded:
(1) Topic, Town, Location, Date
(2) Premission of the photographer to use the picture as noted above.
(3) Brief Description where needed.
(4) On historic pictures....where photo came from...i.e. Wilton Historic Society Collection
(5)The pictures must be in PDF file format.

Souhegan Valley Land Trust Photo Albums